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Fig. 2

From: Are traumatic bilateral adrenal injuries associated with higher morbidity and mortality?-A prospective observational study

Fig. 2

Bilateral adrenal injuries. CT coronal sections (a,b) show bilateral adrenal hematomas (arrows, a) with active extravasation of contrast in the left adrenal gland on delayed scan (arrowhead, b). Due to persistent hypotension, intraoperative packing of left adrenal gland with surgigel was done but patient died within 48 h due to intractable hypotension. CT axial sections (c,d) of another patient show right oval hematoma and left bulky gland on day 1 CT (arrows, c). On follow-up day 10 CT, the left adrenal injury evolved into an oval hematoma (arrows, d)

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