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Fig 7

From: Maxillofacial injuries in severely injured patients

Fig 7

ATLS based algorithm of a diagnostic and therapeutic work-up in severely injured patients. Immediate involvement of a maxillofacial surgeon is necessary in accordance with the ATLS algorithm: A: midface fracture with obstructed airway; C: Severe nasal and/or oral bleeding. Instable midface fracture with severe bleeding; D: Partial or complete visual loss due to direct or indirect optic nerve trauma, retrobulbar hematoma or emphysema. (*Special Requirements of the Whole Body CT: Need for standard protocol, which should include the midface and mandible, if injuries of the midface are obvious. In case of no other life threatening injuries, if the standard protocol does not include vascular sequences of the head and neck, this should be done in hemodynamic stable patients direct after the primary scan is completed)

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