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Table 1 Patients treated before start of multidisciplinary collaboration

From: Effects of a formalized collaboration between plastic and orthopedic surgeons in severe extremity trauma patients; a retrospective study

  Sex Age (y) Case Trauma Gustilo Flap Time to flap (d) Time to coverage (d)
Free flaps included         
1 M 59 Distal tibia fracture Excavator accident GIIIB Latissimus dorsi muscle 6 129
2 M 42 Proximal tibia fracture, fibula fracture, femoral fracture, humeral fracture MC accident GIIIB Fibula osteocutaneous flap (Medial gastro-cnemius flap) 49 (0) 425 Failed Medial gastrocnemius flap
3 M 48 Distal femoral fracture Bus accident GIIIC Latissimus dorsi muscle 7 Amputation 2 d after flap
Free flaps excluded         
4 M 54 Osteomyelitis calcaneal fracture 1 year earlier MC accident GIIIA Gracilis muscle 360 7
5 M 21 Osteomyelitis proximal tibia after fracture 5 years earlier Moped accident GIIIB Latissimus dorsi muscle 5 years 65
Pedicled flap included         
1 M 26 Multitrauma, calcaneal fractures with skin necrosis Fall injury GIIIA Sural island flap 220 21
2 M 60 Diaphyseal tibia fracture Fall injury GIIIB Fasciocutaneous rotation flap 26 52
Pedicled flap excluded         
3 M 64 Tibia condyle fracture and abundant soft tissue injury Outboard motor accident GIIIC Lateral gastrocnemius muscle 26 72
4 F 30 Tibia pilon fracture, secondary skin necrosis after surgery Fall injury - Sural island flap 38 4
5 F 54 Osteomyelitis, distal tibia fracture 2 years earlier, skin necrosis after secondary surgery Fall injury - Fasciocutaneous transposition flap 21 Partial flap necrosis Free flap 2011 Pat 15 Table 2
6 F 27 Multitrauma, proximal tibia fracture, admitted 1 month after trauma Car accident GIIIB Medial gastrocnemius muscle 51 57
7 M 26 Diaphyseal tibia fracture, admitted 1.5 months after trauma Climbing accident GIIIB Soleus muscle 51 334
  1. Patients treated before start of multidisciplinary collaboration with a free or pedicled flap for soft tissue reconstruction after lower extremity trauma. Patients excluded in the subgroup analysis of acute extremity trauma were patients recieving flaps due to skin necrosis/infection after fracture surgery, chronic osteomyelitis, or patients referred to Karolinska University Hospital later than 14 days after the trauma. Time to flap is counted from trauma/admission at Karolinska University Hospital, or in the secondary cases from occurrence of wounds, fistulation or exposed bone. Time to complete soft tissue coverage after flap surgery was determined as no remaining skin wounds at clinical evaluation at follow up.