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Table 5 Distribution of patients according to postoperative complications (N = 2314)

From: Citywide trauma experience in Mwanza, Tanzania: a need for urgent intervention

Postoperative complications Frequency Percentage
Surgical site infections 844 36.5
Complication of fracture healing 457 19.7
Complications of abdominal surgery 36 1.6
Complications related to limb amputations 19 0.8
Skin grafting/flaps failure 17 0.7
Keloids/hypertrophic scars 15 0.6
Pulmonary infections 12 0.5
Postburn contractures 10 0.4
Tetanus 7 0.3
Cerebral abscess 5 0.2
  1. Note: Tetanus is caused by Clostridium Tetani, a gram positive, anaerobic and spore forming bacterium which is found in soil and in animal and human faeces and the usual mode of entry is through open wounds. The diagnosis of tetanus is wholly clinical and based on the presence of one or more of the following:-
  2. 1. Trismus.
  3. 2. Rigidity of the neck and or abdomen.
  4. 3. Reflex spasms.