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Table 3 Intraoperative pelvic angioembolization - findings and procedure.

From: Intraoperative angioembolization in the management of pelvic-fracture related hemodynamic instability

Patient # Bleeding Vessel Vessel Embolized Bilateral Embolization
1 Not identified (distal small vessel irregularity) Left Internal iliac No
2 Left Internal iliac anterior/posterior division; right lateral sacral left internal iliac/R lateral sacral Yes
3 Right internal iliac anterior/posterior division Right Internal iliac No
4 Bilateral anterior division branches internal Iliac Left internal iliac anterior/right vesicle artery/right obturator (bilateral anterior division branches) Yes
5 Left internal Iliac, anterior and posteriors divisions Left internal iliac No
6 Not identified Left internal iliac No
7 Left Internal illiac anterior division, right internal Iliac Bilateral internal iliac Yes
8 Not identified Bilateral internal iliac Yes
9 right branch anterior division (vesical); left superior gluteal, iliolumbar Right internal iliac anterior division/Left internal iliac posterior division Yes
10 Multiple branches bilateral internal Iliac Bilateral internal iliac Yes
11 Not identified None (surgical ligation right internal illiac) N/A
12 Right internal iliac Bilateral internal iliac Yes