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Table 5 Deaths directly attributed to pelvic fractures.

From: Patients with pelvic fractures due to falls: A paradigm that contributed to autopsy-based audit of trauma in Greece

  N %
PFx group. 209 100
Patients with PFx AIS ≤ 3 in severity who were excluded. 154 73.7
Remaining patients with PFx AIS4 and AIS5 in severity. 55 26.3
Remaining patients without any, other than PFx injury of AIS ≥ 4 in
severity, in any other AIS anatomic region.
6 2.9
Post-injury survival time ≤ 48 h. 6 2.9
Patients without any injuries listed in Table 1, which denote a potential cause of major haemorrhage other than those related to PFx. 6 2.9
  1. PFx: pelvic fracture; AIS: Abbreviated Injury Scale (the scale of injury severity ranges from 1 to 6, with 1 being minor, 2 moderate, 3 serious, 4 severe, 5 critical, and 6 an unsurvivable injury).