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Table 1 Study variables used in the benchmarking study

From: International benchmarking of tertiary trauma centers: productivity and throughput approach

Category Measures for all trauma patients Measures for patients with proximal femoral fractures
Basic information ED visits per year (n)
ISS ≥15/22 patients per year (n)
Trauma team activations per year (n)
ED visits admitted to hospital (n/%)
Acute surgeries (n/%)
Acute trauma surgeries (n/%)
Surgeries per year (n)
Mean patient age (years)
Productivity measures ED volumes per physician/nurse/total personnel in ED (n)
Acute surgeries per physician/nurse/total personnel in ED (n)
Trauma surgeries per surgeon/anesthesiologist/nurse in operating units (n)
Trauma surgery time per surgeon/anesthesiologist/nurses in operating units (n)
Throughput measures Average pre-operative length of stay (LOS) per urgency category (hours)
Share of trauma patients operated within first/second day (%)
Average post-operative LOS (days)
Average total LOS (days)
Average pre-operative LOS (hours)
Average post-operative LOS (days)
Average surgery time (min)
Outcome measures ED mortality rate (excluding death-on-arrival patients) (%)
Share of non-admitted ED patients (%)
Share of trauma patients discharged from ward (%)
Share of patients discharged (%)