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Table 2 Summary of LMWH Trauma Studies Explicitly Reporting Incidence of HIT

From: Complications related to deep venous thrombosis prophylaxis in trauma: a systematic review of the literature

Study Design Type of LMWH No. Patients No. Cases of HIT
Geerts et al. 1996[10] Randomized    
  UH 5,000 U SC BID vs. LMWH 30 mg SC BID Enoxaparin 171 2
  Multi-system trauma & ISS ≥ 9    
Haentjens et al. 1996[31] Randomized    
  Fixed LMWH dose vs. Dose Adjusted LMWH Nadroparin 283 2
  Orthopedic Trauma    
Schwarcz et al. 2001[32] Retrospective    
  LMWH 30 mg SC BID Enoxaparin 234 1
  Multi-system trauma    
Lubenow et al. 2007[30] Prospective cohort Certoparin 460 0
  LMWH 3000u OD    
  Multi-system trauma & orthopedic surgery    
Total     5/1148 (0.4%)
  1. HIT, Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia