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Table 3 Functional results in our patients

From: Outcomes of Ilizarov ring fixation in recalcitrant infected tibial non-unions – a prospective study

Functional results Grade Criteria Number of patients
  Excellent Active, no limp, minimum stiffness [Loss < 15 deg knee extension/, 15 degrees dorsiflexion of ankle], No reflex sympathetic dystrophy [RSD], insignificant pain 1
  Good Active with one or two of the following:limp, stiffness, RSD, significant pain 4
  Fair Active with three or all of the Following; limp, stiffness, RSD, significant pain 6
  Poor Inactive [Unemployment or inability to return to daily activities due to injury] *7 (10)
  Failures Amputation 0
  1. *The number would be 10 if all patients who lost or changed their occupation were to be considered as poor. 1 patient could not be contacted for a final functional analysis.