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Table 4 Fracture type (AO/ASIF Classification)

From: Complex proximal femoral fractures in the elderly managed by reconstruction nailing – complications & outcomes: a retrospective analysis

Type of fracture AO/ASIF Category Number of patients
Pertrochanteric multifragmentary (>1 cm below lesser trochanter) 31-A2.3 3
Intertrochanteric multifragmentary 31-A3.3 2
Simple spiral subtrochanteric 32-A1.1 16
Simple oblique subtrochanteric 32-A2.1 7
Simple transverse subtrochanteric 32-A3.1 6
Wedge, spiral subtrochanteric 32-B1.1 3
Wedge, bending subtrochanteric 32-B2.2 1
Wedge, fragmented subtrochanteric 32-B3.3 2
Impending pathological fracture N/A 2